Silvestrini Camiciaio s.n.c.

n. 103/105, Via XX Settembre

Manager : Franco Silvestrini

63013 Grottammare (AP) ITALY

Tel. +39-0735-631295

Fax +39-0735-633695

The "Silvestrini Camiciaio" company has been making shirts since February 1958 : a generation respecting the quality.
It's fashinating to put on a Silvestrini shirt : like a smile, like a caress, like a true joy, like an emotion to be worn.
Mister Franco Silvestrini, the manager of the company, has always tried to be far-seeing in order to innovate his products.
He feel full satisfied on saying that every year thousands of men, everywhere all over the world, wear Silvestrini creations.

Dear friend,
«The elegance is concentrated in the shirt» Oscar Wilde.
In the present-day we can appreciate, more than ever, the truthfulness of that assertion; certainly a "Fior di Seta" shirt is a synonymous of the best quality and elegance.

It's a gift you can give or you can receive from your mate or girl friend; a gift for a special day or any day. It's not an usual shirt, but "the prime of silk shirt";  It's a fresh, natural, discreet friend you can establish a relation of complicity, sharing secrets, weakness, gusto and delight. Emphasize your personality choosing the colour and the model. If you will make your "Fior di Seta" shirt very unique, sew your logo tone by tone, your initials on the right cuff.

Now turn over a new leaf, please choose a "Fior di Seta" shirt for a great year 2000 and more, like a sign of quality.


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